As we turn “ONE”! :)

IMG_6224On 28th July 2017, Jeramy and I will have been married for 1 year.

YES! I have gotten myself married. The journey so far has been a mixture of exactly what I expected and the exact opposite of what I expected all at once. Coming from 2 different countries, and the culture shock along with the other shocks has not been all that pleasant. But after 365 days, I accept it all (Well, I do not have a choice here :P).

As per norm, here is my anniversary “thank you” to you, husband. I am extremely glad he still has not given up on me (completely at least) though I am a mess most of the time!!

Hmm, to begin with, THANK YOU for letting me be ME and not pressuring me into being a typical WIFE as per cultural standards (By that I mean, I still do not cook, wash or clean!!). I know you are cribbing about it deep down and sometimes out loud, but you never “forced”.. and that makes a difference. 😛

THANK YOU for putting up with me. I know I am the exact opposite of all that you hoped for. I am stubborn (extremely stubborn), I am domestically challenged and you bear me through it all. You are not the easiest to bear too, (Uff! NO way!!!) but I thank the lord for his grace each day in not letting us let go.

THANK YOU for waking me up for praising God each day (Except those nights we sleep fighting, that is a lot of nights). You taught me that I do not have to live looking at people and their acceptance. You pushed me to read the bible fully and complete it at least once (and I did it.. in 40 days!!) You made me know more of God and his grace more than I have learnt alone.

THANK YOU for the fights!! (if it doesn’t happen at least once a week, it is so not US). You have been impossible to bear most of the times, and I deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for fighting the urge to kill you in your sleep. But after 365 days, I am so immune to all your drama that I do not give a crap (or I try to) when you go on and on about all that I am not 😛

THANK YOU for this average, simple love you give me. You remind me every single day that love don’t have to be extraordinary. You’ve shown me  that love isn’t about flashy events and grand gestures. Ours is a simple love, and I am fine with that. We have a simple love, an average love, a love few would be excited to read about or even write about. But that’s what our love is.  The most simplistic, average love is often the one that’s the most important. YOU are the most important.

You are my greatest debt as I know I can never repay you over the number of years we will be together, and I would not have it any other way. I am the most blessed knowing that I owe you love!! 🙂

THANK YOU for finding me.

THANK YOU for loving me.

THANK YOU for everything, small and big that you do to make me have a good life!

I say it rare, and I say it less..

But know please, that I LOVE YOU! 🙂

Perhaps a year from now, I will be all that you hoped for with much wisdom and I know we will be much more in love.